Volume 12, Number 2, 2019

Psychologie des Alltagshandelns
Psychology of Everyday Activity

iup innsbruck university press 
1 – 83



Flexibility at Work – Implications for Individuals, Organizations, and Society
Severin Hornung & Pierre Sachse

Workplace flexibility and employee well-being – Proposing a life conduct perspective on subjectified work
Thomas Höge

Organizational tensions, paradoxes, and contradictory demands in flexible work systems
Jürgen Glaser, Severin Hornung & Thomas Höge

Beyond job insecurity – Concept, dimensions, and measurement of precarious employment  
Christian Seubert, Lisa Hopfgartner & Jürgen Glaser

Individual and organizational dynamics of boundaryless work and employee well-being
Esther Palm, Severin Hornung & Jürgen Glaser

Task flexibility through individualized work redesign – Probing a three-pronged approach
Severin Hornung, Thomas Höge & Denise M. Rousseau

Dialectics of workplace flexibility between humanistic ideal and neoliberal ideology – Preliminary considerations
Severin Hornung & Thomas Höge